Market Share Statistics for Internet Technologies

Welcome to the new

We completely rearchitected the product to provide more accurate and accessible data. Here's what's new:

Elimination of botnet data

As bot traffic across the web has risen dramatically, it has been a challenge to detect and remove it from our dataset. This is a critical issue since bots can cause significant skewing of data. In particular, we have seen situations where traffic from certain large countries is almost completely bot traffic. In other countries, ad fraudsters generate traffic that spoofs certain technologies in order to generate high-value clicks. Or, they heavily favor a particular browser or platform.

The primary focus of this release was to build detection methods to eliminate this traffic. We rewrote the entire collection and aggregation infrastucture to address this issue.

Please note: This dataset is separate from and replaces the legacy data.

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We are now tracking and providing usage share for over 18,000 devices, including smartphones, tablets and gaming consoles.

API access to data

Market share data is now available via a REST API. Any data accessible from the website is available via the API, plus, you can:
  • Query with complex filters.
  • Group by multiple elements, like 'browser, platform'.
  • Access key perfomance metrics per technology, like session lengths and bounce rates.
  • Pivot the data on any element.
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HTTP vs HTTPS report

Encryption on the web has been on the rise. We now have a segmentatable report that shows the relative amount of secure and non-secure web traffic.

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Daily Data

We now offer daily data for all segments.